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black leather cuff, 7 Kyanite chips on black leather wrist band



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This soft black leather cuff is set with seven kyanite cuff (7) kyan kyanite cuffite chips woven kyanite cuff thru the top layer of leather with silver beadin kyanite cuffg wire, san kyanite cuffdwiched with a secon kyanite cuffd leather layer of dark green kyanite cuff sueded cowhide. The layers are fully glued together, but black top stitchin kyanite cuffg on kyanite cuff either side of the fluorite chip area adds extra security that the two layers can kyanite cuffn kyanite cuffot be separated.The ban kyanite cuffd is best suited for 5" to maximum of 7.25" between kyanite cuff sn kyanite cuffaps, with ease, this mean kyanite cuffs 5" to 6.75" wrists.The size option kyanite cuff will be listed for the actual wrist size. Given kyanite cuff this strap is 1 1/8" wide, I allow for 1/2" ease, for a sn kyanite cuffug fit. This cuff is shorter, so fewer size option kyanite cuffs & has differen kyanite cufft leather lin kyanite cuffin kyanite cuffg than kyanite cuff an kyanite cuffother listin kyanite cuffg with 9 fluorite chips.Please let me kn kyanite cuffow if you have an kyanite cuffy fit question kyanite cuffs before or commen kyanite cufft on kyanite cuff your order if you n kyanite cuffeed a 1/4 variation kyanite cuff, an kyanite cuffd I will be happy to verify before I set the stud half of the sn kyanite cuffap.

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