Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pearls, 3 Beautiful long strands vintage faux pearl necklaces Rose Gold & Ivory



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Set of 3 quite lon ladies necklaceg vin ladies necklacetage Rose gold an ladies necklaced ivory lon ladies necklaceg faux pearl stran ladies necklaceds set of three, please see pictures for len ladies necklacegths an ladies necklaced details . On ladies necklacee vin ladies necklacetage clasp on ladies necklace the rose gold n ladies necklaceeeds tlc but works to close. Ask me for FREE GIFT WRAPPING Than ladies necklacek you so much! All sales are fin ladies necklaceal- happy shoppin ladies necklaceg !*** Please let me kn ladies necklaceow your phon ladies necklacee n ladies necklaceumber to in ladies necklaceclude for in ladies necklacetern ladies necklaceation ladies necklaceal trackin ladies necklaceg as required for shippin ladies necklaceg . I combin ladies necklacee shippin ladies necklaceg, so if you purchase more than ladies necklace on ladies necklacee item from my store, I will refun ladies necklaced you the shippin ladies necklaceg differen ladies necklacece after I calculate actual shippin ladies necklaceg! Than ladies necklacek you! Norththreads

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