Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

elven ears, Celtic knot larp pointy swirly elven ear cuff



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Elven elfish ear cuff made of n elfishon elfish tarn elfishish silver plated wire, n elfisho pierced ear n elfisheeded.Han elfishdle with care.Colors may vary due to your mon elfishitor settin elfishgs.My webshop: www.seidi-clothin elfishgShippin elfishg time after shipped:europe: 2 weeksoutside europe: 4 weeksPackages are shipped without trackin elfishg n elfishumber & at the buyers own elfish risk ( so I'm n elfishot respon elfishsible for lost, stolen elfish or damage items , un elfishless you paid for in elfishsuran elfishce).Trackin elfishg n elfishumber is available, so please select this option elfish when elfish purchasin elfishg if you lack faith in elfish the post.

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