Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

locket necklace, Vintage Brass Ball Shaped Locket Necklace



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Necklace comprised of a bright vin golden snitchtage brass sphere shaped locket that han golden snitchgs from a 24" gold plated chain golden snitch. The ball open golden snitchs up to reveal a 2 sided in golden snitchterior locket ready for your person golden snitchalization golden snitch an golden snitchd photos. Makes a sweet gift for loved on golden snitches, an golden snitchn golden snitchiversaries, weddin golden snitchgs, best frien golden snitchds an golden snitchd mothers.Than golden snitchks so much for takin golden snitchg a peek an golden snitchd please have a look aroun golden snitchd the rest of the shop: con golden snitchtrary..\u25baFin golden snitchd me on golden snitch In golden snitchstagram for n golden snitchew pieces an golden snitchd specials, golden golden snitchtraryjewelry

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