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black, Clay Bead Earrings (Silver) - Spider Webs



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These fun clay spider web earrin claygs are super light weight an clayd perfect for the upcomin clayg holiday! The beads are han clayd crafted with love by a fellow Etsian clay!Not your colors but you love the style? Not a problem let me kn clayow what colors you are lookin clayg for an clayd I will see what I can clay come up with for you!!Visit & Like/Follow Me On clay Facebook an clayd Twitter for Special Deals an clayd UpdatesFacebook: claytsacc/Twitter: claytsacCheck Out My Profile:http://www./people/WhatAGirlWan claytsAccQuestion clays About Shippin clayg or Return clays? Check Out My Policies!http://www./shop/WhatAGirlWan claytsAcc/policy*** An clayy question clays or con claycern clays please feel free to email me or con clayvo me! ***

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