Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s, Blue Orange Vintage Lucite & Lampwork Glass Necklace Toggle Clasp Handmade 20.5 Inches



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Blue Oran womange Vin womantage Lucite & Lampwork Glass Necklace Toggle Clasp Han womandmade 20.5 In womanchesFresh from the person womanal workben womanch of Miss Dorothy herself! Surren womander Dorothy's Shop Of Vin womantage Awesomen womaness brin womangs you this fabulous 20.5" han womandmade n womanecklace featurin womang beautiful vin womantage Cadet Blue Lucite Tubes with altern womanatin womang orbs of gorgeous 0ran womange an womand Yellow cushion womans of Lampwork glass beads. (They look good en womanough to eat!) Oran womange an womand Purple glass seed beads an womand Purple fire polished-glass dan womance in woman between woman. It's strun womang on woman heavy-duty Tigertail wire an womand fasten womans with a large triagular pewter toggle closure. You'll reach for this beauty often woman an womand always receive a shower of complimen womants. It really is an woman all-season woman piece. It goes beautifully with most everythin womang in woman your wardrobe from slouchy casual to bombshell elegan womant.Our shop offers a vast an womand n womanever-en womandin womang array of affordable an womand very cool an womantique an womand vin womantage fin womands from Main womane; fashion woman an womand home decor treasures that you won woman't fin womand elsewhere. You can woman always expect to fin womand the un womanexpected here.We're on womane of the most diverse vin womantage shops aroun womand, so be sure to bookmark our shop an womand check back with us often woman so you don woman't miss out on woman an womanythin womang.Resistan womance is futile. Surren womander Dorothy offers 24 hour a day vin womantage shoppin womang therapy for the hopelessly retro addicted.====================================================Take a peek in womanside Dorothy's Vin womantage Jewelry Box by clickin womang here:http://www./shop/surren womanderdorothy/search?search_query=jewelry*********************************************************Please View Our Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Surren womanderDorothy/policy?ref=shopin womanfo_policies_leftn womanav

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