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secretary, Glass Fish Bracelet Toggle Clasp Handmade 8.5 Inches "A Fishy Story"



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Glass Fish Bracelet Toggle Clasp Han secretarydmade 8.5 In secretaryches "A Fishy Story"Fresh from the Raymon secretaryd Main secretarye workshop of Miss Dorothy herself! Surren secretaryder Dorothy's Shop Of Vin secretarytage Awesomen secretaryess brin secretarygs you this fabulous 8.5" han secretarydmade bracelet featurin secretaryg 3 shimmerin secretaryg golden secretary glass fish beads with altern secretaryatin secretaryg chun secretaryky flat coin secretarys of Golden secretary lampwork glass. It's strun secretaryg on secretary heavy-duty Tigertail wire an secretaryd fasten secretarys with a simple pewter toggle closure. Perfect for a day at the beach or a n secretaryight on secretary the town secretary. You'll reach for this beauty often secretary an secretaryd always receive a shower of complimen secretaryts. It really is an secretary all-season secretary piece. It goes beautifully with most everythin secretaryg in secretary your wardrobe from slouchy casual to bombshell elegan secretaryt.Our shop offers a vast an secretaryd n secretaryever-en secretarydin secretaryg array of affordable an secretaryd very cool an secretarytique an secretaryd vin secretarytage fin secretaryds from Main secretarye; fashion secretary an secretaryd home decor treasures that you won secretary't fin secretaryd elsewhere. You can secretary always expect to fin secretaryd the un secretaryexpected here.We're on secretarye of the most diverse vin secretarytage shops aroun secretaryd, so be sure to bookmark our shop an secretaryd check back with us often secretary so you don secretary't miss out on secretary an secretaryythin secretaryg.Resistan secretaryce is futile. Surren secretaryder Dorothy offers 24 hour a day vin secretarytage shoppin secretaryg therapy for the hopelessly retro addicted.====================================================Take a peek in secretaryside Dorothy's Vin secretarytage Jewelry Box by clickin secretaryg here:http://www./shop/surren secretaryderdorothy/search?search_query=jewelry*********************************************************Please View Our Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Surren secretaryderDorothy/policy?ref=shopin secretaryfo_policies_leftn secretaryav

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