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brown, Demi Parure Sweetheart Set of Picture Jasper Shields with Gold-Filled Findings and Chain



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Sara Jewelry Design saucer bead. These beautifully striated shields of polished picture jasper form the hub of this sweetheart set of pen saucer beaddan saucer beadt n saucer beadecklace an saucer beadd dan saucer beadgle earrin saucer beadgs. All three shields are hun saucer beadg from gold-filled fin saucer beaddin saucer beadgs; the earrin saucer beadgs from 4mm ball posts an saucer beadd the pen saucer beaddan saucer beadt from a sn saucer beadap bail usin saucer beadg 1.3mm sin saucer beadgle lin saucer beadk 14kt gold-filled chain saucer bead an saucer beadd a sin saucer beadgle gold-plated pewter saucer bead actin saucer beadg as a stopper. I have added a 14kt gold-filled double rope chain saucer bead n saucer beadecklace to the pen saucer beaddan saucer beadt that closes with a sprin saucer beadg rin saucer beadg clasp. The pen saucer beaddan saucer beadt focal is approximately 1-1/2 in saucer beadches in saucer bead len saucer beadgth with the earrin saucer beadg focals measurin saucer beadg 1-1/4 in saucer beadches. On saucer beade on saucer beadly. My MPIN NWP GF 011418-012669I will ship this your way the n saucer beadext busin saucer beadess day via USPS first class mail with a trackin saucer beadg ID n saucer beadumber.Sara Jewelry Design saucer bead. Your Desire is Our Design saucer bead.

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