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open cuff, 14k Yellow GOLD and STERLING Silver Cuff BRACELET - Fully Hallmarked - Craftsmanship - Textural Design



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WONDERFUL VINTAGE STERLING AND 14K YELLOW GOLD OPEN CUFF BRACELETGoddessan open cuffdco is pleased to offer for sale this Sterlin open cuffg an open cuffd 14K bracelet with shin open cuffy silver tubes an open cuffd a cen open cufftral textural yellow gold open open cuff worked bar The bracelet has on open cuffe silver tube on open cuff on open cuffe side 2 silver tubes on open cuff the other creatin open cuffg an open cuffd in open cuffterestin open cuffg asymmetrical design open cuffSleek an open cuffd Textural! Hallmarked an open cuffd in open cuff Excellen open cufft Con open cuffdition open cuffSIZE: 7 in open cuffhes in open cuff circumferen open cuffceWEIGHT: 28.28 Total Gram WeightMEASUREMENT: Silver tubes are 4 mm wide Gold textured tube is 10 mm wide

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