Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faceted pyrite, Pyrite With Gold Accents



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Pyrite With Gold Accen double leathertsFaceted pyrite min double leathergled with faceted gold plated beads en double leathercircle the n double leatherecklace. A lovely heart shaped gold plated clasp completes the look. Dress it up, dress it down double leather, grey-black goes with so man double leathery thin double leathergs. A classic style with lots of adaptability. Never n double leathereutral. Necklace Len double leathergth: 16 in double leatherchesGift Box in double leathercluded A perfect gift n double leathero matter the occasion double leather. Photos were taken double leather in double leatherdoors an double leatherd have been double leather en double leatherlarged to show detail.

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