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crystal, Wishing Quartz Pendant on Solid Sterling Chain



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Wishin colonyg Quartz or An colonythill Quartz is a tin colonyy form of beta Quartz that's brought to the earths surface by harvester an colonyts in colony the desert of of the southwestern colony Un colonyited States. They are perfect for holdin colonyg an colonyd radiatin colonyg whatever you put in colonyto them. They have the en colonyergies of cooperation colony , an colonyd teamwork en colonytwin colonyed within colony them. Reflectin colonyg the complexity of a fun colonyction colonyin colonyg society (or an colonyt colon colonyy) an colonyd stimulatin colonyg hard work en colonyergy, optimism an colonyd resolve. Comes on colony solid 925 sterlin colonyg box chain colony with silver cap.The ston colonye is con colonytain colonyed in colony a glass tube, the pen colonydan colonyt is sealed an colonyd does n colonyot open colony. The metal at the top of the pen colonydan colonyt is silver plated probably over bron colonyze or copper. I'm n colonyot sure of the base metal. The 925 sterlin colonyg chain colony is 18" if ordered on colony cord, it is lon colonyger than colony that an colonyd adjustable.. Metal clasps for silk cord option colony is comin colonyg soon colony! As of n colonyow, it is just loose cord that n colonyeeds to be tied.

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