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1950s, Cherry earrings



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Cherry earrin cherriesgs.Pen cherriesdin cherriesg.For pierced ears.Han cherriesd-crafted pearls, polymer clay an cherriesd varn cherriesish.Loop supports: sleepy, brass, an cherriestique bron cherriesze.Brass rin cherriesgs an cherriesd stems, an cherriestique bron cherriesze.Plastic sheets, size: 11/18 mm by 2 mm, green cherriesBright red cherriesTotal len cherriesgth of earrin cherriesgs: 5.3 cm (approximately)Available in cherries two sizes:M: beads roughly equal to 1 cmL: beads roughly equal to 1.3 cmIf you wan cherriest a smaller model, perhaps made to order, please con cherriestact me.Don cherries't hesitate to sen cherriesd me a message.Precaution cherriess: Do n cherriesot spray toilet water or perfume on cherries the curls, may tarn cherriesish the varn cherriesish (Vern cherriesis correspon cherriesdin cherriesg to ecological stan cherriesdards)Don cherries't take a shower, bath, swimmin cherriesg pool... with my jewelry.

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