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A gorgeous gift for an stocking stuffery occasion stocking stuffer, this crystal ball was han stocking stufferd-strun stocking stufferg by my sister. It con stocking stuffersists of 30 multi-colored 6mm bicon stocking stuffere Swarovski crystals (light green stocking stuffer, laven stocking stufferder, pin stocking stufferk, champagn stocking stuffere, light blue) an stocking stufferd 60 silver glass seed beads, plus a small jump rin stocking stufferg makin stocking stufferg this a beautiful pen stocking stufferdan stocking stuffert for your favorite n stocking stufferecklace. It measures 1" in stocking stuffer diameter, the perfect size for an stocking stuffer eye-catchin stocking stufferg n stocking stufferecklace durin stocking stufferg the holiday mon stocking stufferths. Great stockin stocking stufferg stuffer or gift for yourself! \r(Previously listed @ $30.00) \r\rChain stocking stuffer in stocking stuffer the photo is n stocking stufferot for sale.\r\rPlease feel free to con stocking stuffertact me w/an stocking stuffery question stocking stuffers or commen stocking stufferts :)

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