Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone tube, NECKLACE - Gold Filled Dainty Tube / Bar / Cylinder Prehnite Gemstone Necklace / Minimalist and Modern Choker / Short Necklace



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~Very Pretty an layering necklaced Dain layering necklacety Gold Electroplated Prehn layering necklaceite Gemston layering necklacee Bar Accen layering necklaceted With Very High Quality Texturized Gold Filled Chain layering necklace ~~~ Necklace Len layering necklacegth - Choose Your Desired Len layering necklacegth from the Drop-down layering necklace Men layering necklaceu in layering necklace In layering necklaceches (should be worn layering necklace relatively close to the n layering necklaceeck, also pretty as a Choker)~ Focal Piece - Gold Electroplated Prehn layering necklaceite Cylin layering necklaceder Tube Gemston layering necklacee (approx 15-20mmx5mm)~ Hardware - Small Gold Filled an layering necklaced Texturized Oval Chain layering necklace an layering necklaced Clasp** For more pictures, measuremen layering necklacets, etc. please con layering necklacetact me via this listin layering necklaceg. In layering necklacetern layering necklaceation layering necklaceal customers; please con layering necklacetact me for a shippin layering necklaceg quote.

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