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This literally 'out of this world' wire wrapped pen astronomy jewelrydan astronomy jewelryt features a slice of Gibeon astronomy jewelry meteorite.I made this meteorite pen astronomy jewelrydan astronomy jewelryt usin astronomy jewelryg two shades of fin astronomy jewelrye silver coated copper wire. Bright silver backgroun astronomy jewelryd makes the meteorite stan astronomy jewelryd out, an astronomy jewelryd hematite emphasizes the subtle pattern astronomy jewelry in astronomy jewelry the meteorite itself. Those pattern astronomy jewelrys on astronomy jewelry the meteorite are called Widman astronomy jewelrystatten astronomy jewelry lin astronomy jewelryes. They are the result of the metal coolin astronomy jewelryg over huge periods of time. I've read that the pattern astronomy jewelry is caused by n astronomy jewelryickel an astronomy jewelryd iron astronomy jewelry based min astronomy jewelryerals coolin astronomy jewelryg at a rate of *on astronomy jewelrye* degree every *million astronomy jewelry* years. Scien astronomy jewelrytists have dated the Gibeon astronomy jewelry meteorite to aroun astronomy jewelryd 4 *billion astronomy jewelry* years old. For comparison astronomy jewelry, the oldest kn astronomy jewelryown astronomy jewelry rocks on astronomy jewelry earth are dated at 3.8 billion astronomy jewelry years of age. So in astronomy jewelry holdin astronomy jewelryg this you're holdin astronomy jewelryg somethin astronomy jewelryg older than astronomy jewelry an astronomy jewelryythin astronomy jewelryg we can astronomy jewelry touch from earth.(Sin astronomy jewelryce most meteorites are probably from debris left over from the formation astronomy jewelry of the solar system, while we thin astronomy jewelryk of it as stardust, the n astronomy jewelryickel-iron astronomy jewelry mix here might be similar to the molten astronomy jewelry n astronomy jewelryickel iron astronomy jewelry at the core of our own astronomy jewelry plan astronomy jewelryet!)The wire is fin astronomy jewelrye silver over copper an astronomy jewelryd is coated, so it won astronomy jewelry't tarn astronomy jewelryish an astronomy jewelryd you don astronomy jewelry't have to worry about tryin astronomy jewelryg to polish your meteorite jewelry.I've been astronomy jewelry told that the amoun astronomy jewelryt of n astronomy jewelryickel alloyed in astronomy jewelry the iron astronomy jewelry makes this meteorite more rust resistan astronomy jewelryt than astronomy jewelry most other iron astronomy jewelry meteorites. That said, this is a delicate iron astronomy jewelry based piece, an astronomy jewelryd besides a gift box (let me kn astronomy jewelryow if you'd like it wrapped as well, that's n astronomy jewelryot a problem) I'll sen astronomy jewelryd it with a silica pack to keep it dry an astronomy jewelryd toasty. Please don astronomy jewelry't wear it in astronomy jewelryto the pool/bath/shower. (Or if you plan astronomy jewelry on astronomy jewelry workin astronomy jewelryg up a serious sweat!) I've been astronomy jewelry wearin astronomy jewelryg my first piece of Gibeon astronomy jewelry for over a decade without problems.This Gibeon astronomy jewelry meteorite pen astronomy jewelrydan astronomy jewelryt in astronomy jewelry copper is 1 1/2" lon astronomy jewelryg by 7/8" at its widest poin astronomy jewelryt. It han astronomy jewelrygs from black ribbon astronomy jewelry that adjusts from 17"-18 1/2".Comes in astronomy jewelry a gift box, let me kn astronomy jewelryow if you'd like it wrapped to be ready for givin astronomy jewelryg. (Metallic blue or metallic gold paper, ivory or burgun astronomy jewelrydy ribbon astronomy jewelry.) The shippin astronomy jewelryg on astronomy jewelry this piece in astronomy jewelrycludes in astronomy jewelrysuran astronomy jewelryce.Shop home: https://www./shop/magpiesmiscellan astronomy jewelryyVisit on astronomy jewelry facebook or in astronomy astronomy astronomy astronomy jewelryywww.magpiesmiscellan astronomy*If you're in astronomy jewelryterested in astronomy jewelry meteorites an astronomy jewelryd meteorite jewelry or more about the Gibeon astronomy jewelry in astronomy jewelry particular you can astronomy jewelry visit my blog at www.magpiesmiscellan astronomy I have more in astronomy jewelryfo on astronomy jewelry meteorites there, plus more pictures an astronomy jewelryd lin astronomy jewelryks to videos!**Again astronomy jewelry, this is an astronomy jewelry iron astronomy jewelry-n astronomy jewelryickel meteorite wrapped in astronomy jewelry copper, so while it is mostly iron astronomy jewelry an astronomy jewelryd the copper is coated, I would n astronomy jewelryot suggest it for someon astronomy jewelrye with a n astronomy jewelryickel or copper allergy.

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