Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Demi Parure Necklacenecklace, Bracelet and Earring Set in Rhodonite and Spinel with Gold Filled Findings



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Sara Jewelry Design bracelet. Here is a dramatic an braceletd stylish jewelry set of pin braceletk rhodon braceletite roun braceletds an braceletd faceted n braceletatural black spin braceletel ron braceletdelles. The n braceletecklace is made up of 8mm rhodon braceletite roun braceletds, in braceletterspersed with 3x2mm faceted spin braceletel ron braceletdelles. At the cen braceletter of the design bracelet, three of the roun braceletds are capped with gold-plated bead caps. The n braceletecklace is 18 in braceletches in bracelet overall len braceletgth an braceletd is termin braceletated with 14kt gold-filled fin braceletdin braceletgs in braceletcludin braceletg a sprin braceletg-rin braceletg clasp.The bracelet is made up of slightly smaller 6mm rhodon braceletite roun braceletds, also in braceletterspersed with the spin braceletel ron braceletdelles. At the cen braceletter of the design bracelet, I used three 8mm rhodon braceletites, again bracelet capped, to echo the n braceletecklace's design bracelet cen braceletter. The bracelet is roughly 8 in braceletches in bracelet overall len braceletgth. I have strun braceletg both the bracelet an braceletd the n braceletecklace on bracelet double stran braceletds of FFF n braceletatural Gudebrod silk, sourced in bracelet the Un braceletited States. I pre-stretched the silk for 24 hours before commen braceletcin braceletg to bead.The fin braceletal piece of the set is the pair of earrin braceletgs. The dan braceletgle is composed of on bracelete 8mm rhodon braceletite, capped on bracelet either en braceletd. Next comes a sin braceletgle spin braceletel ron braceletdelle an braceletd fin braceletally a 6mm rhodon braceletite. I suspen braceletded the dan braceletgle on bracelet 14kt gold-filled ball-an braceletd-post earrin braceletg fin braceletdin braceletgs with butterfly clutches. On bracelete set on braceletly. Will n braceletot repeat at this price.MPIN PARU052218012918I will ship this your way the n braceletext busin braceletess day via in braceletsured USPS first class shippin braceletg with a trackin braceletg ID n braceletumber.

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