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angel earrings, Vintage Crystal Earrings Angel Design Sterling Silver Dangle with Swarovski Crystal Pearls Birthday Wedding



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Crystal An angle earringsgel earrin angle earringsgs.Clear, Vin angle earringstage, han angle earringsd cut clear crystal beads.These crystals are pre 1940's.4mm Swarovski White Crystal Pearl (head)Sterlin angle earringsg silver ear wires.Silverton angle earringse win angle earringsgs, all other metal is sterlin angle earringsg silver.1-3/8" len angle earringsgth top to bottomHan angle earringsdmade by me, on angle earrings Maui, an angle earringsd sen angle earringst to you with Aloha!More of my Artisan angle earrings Jewelry: hawaiibeads.334

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