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Radiate Golden minimal necklace NecklaceI have fin minimal necklaceally design minimal necklaceed a n minimal necklaceecklace represen minimal necklacetin minimal necklaceg two paren minimal necklacets an minimal necklaced on minimal necklacee kid! This n minimal necklaceecklace is a n minimal necklaceew twist on minimal necklace my most popular n minimal necklaceecklace, the Lin minimal necklaceks of Love Necklace. This pen minimal necklacedan minimal necklacet has two larger imperfect circles, represen minimal necklacetin minimal necklaceg two paren minimal necklacets, an minimal necklaced on minimal necklacee squared silver rin minimal necklaceg to represen minimal necklacet a child. I love that it could represen minimal necklacet two tradition minimal necklaceal paren minimal necklacets, or two n minimal necklaceon minimal necklace-tradition minimal necklaceal paren minimal necklacets, such as two moms or a birth mother an minimal necklaced an minimal necklace adoptive paren minimal necklacet. Two gold filled circles an minimal necklaced a thick sterlin minimal necklaceg silver circle are lin minimal necklaceked together. The pen minimal necklacedan minimal necklacet is accen minimal necklaceted by a sturdy sterlin minimal necklaceg silver rolo chain minimal necklace. Are you lookin minimal necklaceg for a n minimal necklaceecklace that represen minimal necklacets two moms an minimal necklaced on minimal necklacee child? Do you love the idea of a Mom Necklace that also represen minimal necklacets the dad? Is someon minimal necklacee you kn minimal necklaceow adoptin minimal necklaceg an minimal necklaced wan minimal necklacets a n minimal necklaceecklace to represen minimal necklacet the bon minimal necklaced between minimal necklace her an minimal necklaced the birth mother? This makes a perfect gift for mothers of all ages an minimal necklaced styles.Total chain minimal necklace len minimal necklacegth can minimal necklace be either 16", 18", or 24" \u2013 keep in minimal necklace min minimal necklaced that 16" is con minimal necklacesidered a choker on minimal necklace most people.Necklace Details\u25ba all compon minimal necklaceen minimal necklacets are gold filled an minimal necklaced sterlin minimal necklaceg silver \u25ban minimal necklaceecklace measure approximately 1" wide; smallest rin minimal necklaceg is .50" an minimal necklaced largest rin minimal necklaceg is .75"\u25basprin minimal necklaceg rin minimal necklaceg closures\u25bachoose from a total len minimal necklacegth of 16", 18" or 24"ABOUT USThan minimal necklaceks for visitin minimal necklaceg Freshie & Zero! Each piece is made with love & a hammer\u2122 in minimal necklace Nashville, Ten minimal necklacen minimal necklaceessee. \u2764\ufe0f I started makin minimal necklaceg jewelry in minimal necklace 2006 an minimal necklaced n minimal necklaceow I have a small studio team that helps me. I love that I get to run minimal necklace a creative busin minimal necklaceess for a livin minimal necklaceg! I do a men minimal necklacetal happy dan minimal necklacece with each order.Orders are typically shipped within minimal necklace 2-4 busin minimal necklaceess days. Durin minimal necklaceg peak season minimal necklaces, it may take 3-5 busin minimal necklaceess days. Please check the estimated ship date on minimal necklace your in minimal necklacevoice for specifics. Each item comes in minimal necklace a small white box with a jewelry care card.KEEP SHOPPING\u25baSee our customer favorites: www./shop/freshiean minimal necklacedzero?section minimal necklace_id=22131131\u25baVisit our Etsy home page: www./shop/freshiean minimal necklacedzeroKEEP IN TOUCH\u25ba\u25ba\u25bajoin minimal necklace our mailin minimal necklaceg list:\u25ba\u25bavisit our website: www.freshiean minimal\u25bafollow us on minimal necklacelin minimal necklaceeIn minimal necklacestagram: @freshiean minimal necklacedzeroTwitter: @freshiean minimal necklacedzeroFacebook: minimal necklacedZero

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