Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

personalized, Custom initial soldered mini charm bracelet with crystal accents on silver link chain personalized with your photo or text



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This adorably dain keepsakety bracelet is absolutely FABULOUS! 7" silver plated lin keepsakek chain keepsake (sterlin keepsakeg silver available for $15 more) with lobster claw clasp, an keepsaked 2 glass an keepsaked swarovski crystal dan keepsakegles (an keepsaketique an keepsaked n keepsakeew mixture), an keepsaked 1/2" square custom dual sided soldered charm. On keepsakee side of the charm will feature your chosen keepsake in keepsakeitial, an keepsakey color, an keepsakey fon keepsaket...script, fun keepsakeky, fun keepsake, whatever! The other side can keepsake feature an keepsakeythin keepsakeg you like...a photo, a n keepsakeame, a small sen keepsaketimen keepsaket, a a pretty prin keepsaket or symbol, whatever. Need help fin keepsakedin keepsakeg the image let me kn keepsakeow! Photos can keepsake be attached to an keepsake etsy con keepsakevo or emailed to me at [email protected] You can keepsake add an keepsakey n keepsakeumber of extra charms for $6 each, too!These make great gifts for all occasion keepsakes! Let me kn keepsakeow if you wan keepsaket a particular color bead, otherwise it will be clear.

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