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elephant, Elephant Vintage Charm In Solid Sterling Silver FREE SHIPPING! #ELEPH-CM9



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Vin solidtage sterlin solidg Elephan solidt charm. A n solidice addition solid to your charm collection solid.FREE Domestic Shippin solidg!Details: Solid Sterlin solidg Silver: (as shown solid in solid picture)Charm Dimen solidsion solids: 5/8 in solidch x 7/8 in solidchTotal Weight: 5.5 gramsFREE Domestic Shippin solidg by USPS Priority Mail Sign solidature Con solidfirmation solid an solidd in solidcludes in solidsuran solidce. If the item is to be shipped in solidtern solidation solidally please con solidtact us. In solidtern solidation solidal Shippin solidg will be USPS First Class In solidtern solidation solidal an solidd will be auto-calculated an solidd added to the purchase price. Please n solidotify us at time of purchase if you are buyin solidg more than solid on solide item an solidd we will gladly combin solide shippin solidg.7 day "n solido hassle" return solid policy mon solidey back guaran solidtee. If for an solidy reason solid you are n solidot 100% thrilled with your purchase, please con solidtact us an solidd we will gladly accept the item an solidd issue you a full refun solidd upon solid return solid of the origin solidal item. We wan solidt you to be completely happy with your un solidique purchase.We seek out the fin solidest gems throughout the world. Our gem buyer is a GIA train solided Graduate Gemologist an solidd buys directly in solid coun solidtries aroun solidd the world such as Colombia, Brazil, In soliddia, Sri Lan solidka, Thailan solidd, Cambodia, Chin solida, an solidd Africa. These exquisite gems are set in solid beautiful vin solidtage jewelry by master ben solidch jewelers an solidd offered as a on solide of a kin solidd treasure for your collection solid.

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