Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

circle beads, Teal Blue Circles Pendant Necklace Textured Polymer Clay



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This un bold necklaceiquely design bold necklaceed pen bold necklacedan bold necklacet n bold necklaceecklace in bold necklace peacock teal blue features eye-catchin bold necklaceg circle shapes an bold necklaced in bold necklaceterestin bold necklaceg textures. The polymer clay pen bold necklacedan bold necklacet has some highlightin bold necklaceg an bold necklaced con bold necklacetrastin bold necklaceg shadows that give it a color chan bold necklacegin bold necklaceg quality, depen bold necklacedin bold necklaceg on bold necklace the an bold necklacegle of the light hittin bold necklaceg it. This is a bold statemen bold necklacet piece, for those who love un bold necklaceique jewelry. The shape of the pen bold necklacedan bold necklacet is reflected by the teal shell rin bold necklaceg beads, which are in bold necklace turn bold necklace given bold necklace a n bold necklaceice con bold necklacetrast by the square seed beads.The circular 1.5 in bold necklacech han bold necklaced-textured pen bold necklacedan bold necklacet was embellished with metallic powders an bold necklaced back-filled with acrylic pain bold necklacet. The pigmen bold necklacet is perman bold necklaceen bold necklacetly sealed by a water based polyurethan bold necklacee gloss.I strun bold necklaceg my han bold necklacedmade disc on bold necklaceto n bold necklaceylon bold necklace coated jewelry wire with matchin bold necklaceg shell rin bold necklacegs, glass seed beads, an bold necklaced "oil slick" glass tile beads. The bron bold necklaceze-like color of the tile beads is perfect for the shadows on bold necklace the pen bold necklacedan bold necklacet, as well as the striation bold necklaces in bold necklace the shell.This n bold necklaceecklace fasten bold necklaces with a plated lobster claw clasp an bold necklaced measures 17 in bold necklaceches at its shortest. The adjustable chain bold necklace allows it to be worn bold necklace up to 20 in bold necklaceches lon bold necklaceg.

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