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Melina little fairy-Handmade photo locket necklacelittle fairy,wearable art jewelrylittle fairy,pop surrealism necklacelittle fairy,heirloom pendant



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Locket Title : Melin bohemian jewelryaColor : silver plated Measuremen bohemian jewelryts:Image size : 14 mm x 18 mmChain bohemian jewelry : 56 cm The locket is han bohemian jewelryd-made an bohemian jewelryd the image is based in bohemian jewelry on bohemian jewelrye of my pain bohemian jewelrytin bohemian jewelrygsThe image is prin bohemian jewelryted on bohemian jewelry high quality photo paper ,set on bohemian jewelry a vin bohemian jewelrytage settin bohemian jewelryg an bohemian jewelryd sealed un bohemian jewelryder several layers of resin bohemian jewelry coatin bohemian jewelryg.Han bohemian jewelrygs from a medium size chain bohemian jewelry an bohemian jewelryd is decorated with charms.Each item in bohemian jewelry this collection bohemian jewelry is han bohemian jewelryd made an bohemian jewelryd un bohemian jewelryiqueThe pen bohemian jewelrydan bohemian jewelryt is packed in bohemian jewelry an bohemian jewelry organ bohemian jewelryza pouch in bohemian jewelryside a box ( ready for gift givin bohemian jewelryg).****All items are shipped on bohemian jewelry first priority mailThis item is shipped with trackin bohemian jewelryg ******About my jewelry collection bohemian jewelry\u2665My jewelry collection bohemian jewelry is created for people that love colorful,creative,un bohemian jewelryique items created from illustration bohemian jewelrys an bohemian jewelryd fairytales.For this collection bohemian jewelry I try to combin bohemian jewelrye un bohemian jewelryique an bohemian jewelryd un bohemian jewelryusual materials like paper,metal, glass,fabric etc with dreams, magic an bohemian jewelryd images from childhood..All images are copyrighted please do n bohemian jewelryot use themwithout my permission bohemian jewelry.Than bohemian jewelryk you

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