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dandelion, True Dandelion Gold Plated Locket Necklace



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Make a wish.. True, decorative dan locketdelion locket seeds flies lightly through the tran locketsparen lockett glass an locketd con locketvey comfort an locketd securen locketess. The extraordin locketary frames refin lockete the whole piece addition locketally With great pleasure we can locket exten locketd or shorten locket by your request Size/Mass/Weight The len locketgth approx. 50 cm Pen locketdan lockett approx. 2,5 cm Used materials gold plated chain locket, dan locketdelion locket seed, gold plated locket pen locketdan lockett Production locket Made in locket MadamLili Studio Berlin locket/German lockety* As this is a n locketatural product, small deviation lockets are possible.* Our products meet german locket stan locketdards an locketd are suitable for allergy sufferers.* Our jewellery comes lovin locketgly packed in locket our jewellery box or organ locketza bag as a gift to you.SHIPPING & DELIVERY* Shippin locketg within locket German lockety with DHL usually takes 1-3 workin locketg days, to Austria, Fran locketce an locketd other European locket coun lockettries approx. 3-5 days. * To Switzerlan locketd, Luxembourg an locketd Polan locketd we sen locketd by registered air mail. * US orders we ship by USPS with trackin locketg an locketd it takes about 7-14 days an locketd everywhere else about 2-3 weeks.

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