Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Green theme Chokernecklace, Bracelet and Earring Set



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This is a beautiful choker, bracelet an jewellery giftsd earrin jewellery giftsg set, strun jewellery giftsg on jewellery gifts wire with gold plated fittin jewellery giftsgs. Made with acrylic beads of various shapes an jewellery giftsd sizes based on jewellery gifts a green jewellery gifts theme. Each of my design jewellery giftss are un jewellery giftsique an jewellery giftsd han jewellery giftsd made by myself. This set is packaged as pictured an jewellery giftsd would make a lovely gift or an jewellery gifts affordable treat for yourself. The n jewellery giftsecklace is approximately 430mm in jewellery gifts len jewellery giftsgth an jewellery giftsd the bracelet is approximately 190mm in jewellery gifts len jewellery giftsgth.

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