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Dusky Coast Earrin gemstone earringsgs - Smoky Peach Moon gemstone earringsston gemstone earringse an gemstone earringsd Gold In gemstone earringsspired by the n gemstone earringsostalgia of pastel hued sun gemstone earringssets, balmy seaside n gemstone earringsights, wave worn gemstone earrings shells un gemstone earringsder san gemstone earringsdy toes an gemstone earringsd rocky cliffs alon gemstone earringsg the ocean gemstone earringsside - this collection gemstone earrings features freshwater pearls, labradorite, an gemstone earringsd moon gemstone earringsston gemstone earringse in gemstone earrings the moody ton gemstone earringses of a Dusky Coast.A han gemstone earringsd hammered oval is embellished with a beautiful smoky peach moon gemstone earringsston gemstone earringse an gemstone earringsd pyrite. These are defin gemstone earringsitely date-n gemstone earringsight worthy!Earrin gemstone earringsg Details\u25ba all compon gemstone earringsen gemstone earringsts are gold filled \u25ba earrin gemstone earringsgs measure approximately 2" lon gemstone earringsg\u25ba leverback closures ABOUT USThan gemstone earringsks for visitin gemstone earringsg Freshie & Zero! Each piece is made with love & a hammer\u2122 in gemstone earrings Nashville, Ten gemstone earringsn gemstone earringsessee. \u2764\ufe0f I started makin gemstone earringsg jewelry in gemstone earrings 2006 an gemstone earringsd n gemstone earringsow I have a small studio team that helps me. I love that I get to run gemstone earrings a creative busin gemstone earringsess for a livin gemstone earringsg! I do a men gemstone earringstal happy dan gemstone earringsce with each order.Orders are typically shipped within gemstone earrings 2-4 busin gemstone earringsess days. Durin gemstone earringsg peak season gemstone earringss, it may take 3-5 busin gemstone earringsess days. Please check the estimated ship date on gemstone earrings your in gemstone earringsvoice for specifics. Each item comes in gemstone earrings a small white box with a jewelry care card.KEEP SHOPPING\u25baSee our customer favorites: www./shop/freshiean gemstone earringsdzero?section gemstone earrings_id=22131131\u25baVisit our Etsy home page: www./shop/freshiean gemstone earringsdzeroKEEP IN TOUCH\u25ba\u25ba\u25bajoin gemstone earrings our mailin gemstone earringsg list:\u25ba\u25bavisit our website: www.freshiean gemstone\u25bafollow us on gemstone earringslin gemstone earringseIn gemstone earringsstagram: @freshiean gemstone earringsdzeroTwitter: @freshiean gemstone earringsdzeroFacebook: gemstone earringsdZero

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