Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

funky, Funky Necklace No. 4



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"Fun wearable artky Necklace No. 4" is a on wearable arte-of-a-kin wearable artd piece of wearable art, han wearable artdcrafted from a palette of dozen wearable arts of colors of polymer clay, blen wearable artded an wearable artd layered for dimen wearable artsion wearable artality an wearable artd con wearable arttrast. Each piece is given wearable art a distin wearable artctive n wearable artame an wearable artd this is on wearable arte of my "Fun wearable artky Necklace" series.The n wearable artecklace features a 2.25" circle disk with small discs of varyin wearable artg heights an wearable artd a copper bead in wearable art the cen wearable artter of some of them. Six han wearable artdmade polymer beads of similar colors adorn wearable art each side of the gold silk cord. The n wearable artecklace is fin wearable artished with a loop an wearable artd bead for easy on wearable art/off. The back of the piece is fin wearable artished with black felt.Total len wearable artgth is 29", height is 14.5" an wearable artd width is 2.25"En wearable artjoy bein wearable artg "fun wearable artky" with this piece of wearable art!

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