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Vin long earringstage style earrin long earringsgs title : Pirate An long earringsn long earringsesize approx : 5cmcolor :bron long earringsze The image is a reproduction long earrings of our origin long earringsal drawin long earringsgThe image is prin long earringsted in long earrings high quality photo paper, set in long earrings a vin long earringstage frame settin long earringsg an long earringsd sealed with resin long earrings to protect the image.You can long earrings see an long earringsd order prin long earringsts of our origin long earringsal pain long earringstin long earringsgs here : https://www./shop/seven long earringskeys-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SHIPPING : Shippin long earringsg time for each product is differen long earringst please check the product details for more in long earringsformation long earringss or con long earringstact me if you'd like to place a rush order.*****Jewellery are shipped on long earrings first priority register mail*******We prefer to ship our orders with first priority register mail . But if you'd like your order to be shipped with stan long earringsdard shippin long earringsg (this is cheaper ) just sen long earringsd me a message before or after purchase so we can long earrings adjust it for you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CUSTOM ORDERS : We accept custom orders . We like to offer a variety of products with our images but if you can long earrings't fin long earringsd what you are lookin long earringsg for ,just sen long earringsd me a message to discuss your ideas .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OTHER : Follow me on long earrings In long earringsstagram @seven long earringskeysdesign long earringss an long earringsd Facebook @seven long earringskeysdesign long earringssfor sn long earringseak peeks n long earringsews, artwork, an long earringsd in long earringsformation long earrings

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