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A beaded statemen statement necklacet n statement necklaceecklace made with large yellow wood beads. The n statement necklaceecklace has 3 stran statement necklaceds. The shortest stran statement necklaced measures 20-22" lon statement necklaceg. The beads measure 1.5" by 1". The n statement necklaceecklace len statement necklacegth can statement necklace be customized. The man statement necklacen statement necklaceequin statement necklace's n statement necklaceeck size is 15". The clasp is sterlin statement necklaceg silver an statement necklaced the con statement necklacen statement necklaceector is lead free pewter. Gold filled or extra large stain statement necklaceless steel lobster claw clasps are also available. Also available in statement necklace these colors: www./shop/Dan statement necklaceaLeBlan statement necklacecDesign statement necklaces?ref=seller-platform-mcn statement necklaceav&search_query=miran statement necklaceda+woodThis n statement necklaceecklace can statement necklace be made in statement necklaceto a lon statement necklaceger version statement necklace: https://www./listin statement necklaceg/582230160/celin statement necklacee-dark-brown statement necklace-wood-lon statement necklaceg-beaded?ref=shop_home_active_1All DLD jewelry comes in statement necklace a silver jewelry box for gift givin statement necklaceg. We use the highest quality fin statement necklacedin statement necklacegs to en statement necklacesure a piece that will last for years to come. DLD jewelry comes with a lifetime guaran statement necklacetee.Dan statement necklacea LeBlan statement necklacec Design statement necklaces- Han statement necklacedmade Jewelry

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