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england, Glastonbury Tor at Night Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Glaston broochesbury Tor Combin broochesation brooches Pin brooches/Pen broochesdan broochest" is crafted from a palette of dozen broochess of colors of polymer clay, blen broochesded an broochesd layered for dimen broochession broochesality an broochesd con broochestrast.The pin brooches features a lockin broochesg bar pin brooches, but also a bail, so that it can brooches be con broochesverted to a pen broochesdan broochest, doublin broochesg your pleasure! Each piece is given brooches a distin broochesctive n broochesame, an broochesd this on broochese represen broochests my in broochesterpretation brooches of "Glaston broochesbury Tor", in brooches Somerset, En broochesglan broochesd, which I have had the privilege of visitin broochesg twice. This mysterious "Tor" (a hill or rocky peak) is lin broochesked to Arthurian brooches legen broochesds, which are prevalen broochest in brooches the area. A photo I took of the "Tor" in brooches 1988 is also shown brooches. Dimen broochession broochess: 1.5" by 1.5" square polymer disk with lockin broochesg bar pin brooches an broochesd bail for rope or chain brooches

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