Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Artist Palette Necklacecolorful charm, gift for painter or art teacher



In stock



This n colorful charmecklace features a small artist's palette made from glass en colorful charmamel fused to copper. It han colorful charmgs from a sterlin colorful charmg silver chain colorful charm. Simple an colorful charmd colorful with a rain colorful charmbow of 'pain colorful charmt' dabs.It is perfect for pain colorful charmters an colorful charmd artists, an colorful charmd would make a great gift for art teachers too! :)I am also makin colorful charmg matchin colorful charmg pain colorful charmt brush earrin colorful charmgs, an colorful charmd matchin colorful charmg pain colorful charmt palette earrin colorful charmgs. Please look in colorful charm my shop if you would like to purchase them together as a set.

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