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Nautical Inspired Tiger Shark Ringshark ring, fine silver .999+shark ring, US size 3.75 - 4



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Tiger Shark Rin nautical jewelryg, Nautical JewelryItem#: 3385For sale a beautiful artisan nautical jewelry han nautical jewelrydmade shark tooth rin nautical jewelryg.This rin nautical jewelryg was made usin nautical jewelryg .999 purity fin nautical jewelrye silver, pure silver would stay white an nautical jewelryd wouldn nautical jewelry't oxidize like sterlin nautical jewelryg or lower purity alloys. No solder was used, so n nautical jewelryo mix with other metals. The fin nautical jewelrye silver was rolled for stren nautical jewelrygth an nautical jewelryd then nautical jewelry arc welded.The rin nautical jewelryg simulates a coral reef through the han nautical jewelrydmade arc welded pattern nautical jewelry all aroun nautical jewelryd it, an nautical jewelryd a raw tiger shark tooth decoration nautical jewelry complemen nautical jewelryts the n nautical jewelryatural fresh look.Nice rin nautical jewelryg for those lookin nautical jewelryg in nautical jewelryto somethin nautical jewelryg differen nautical jewelryt, out of the n nautical jewelryormal common nautical jewelry design nautical jewelrys out there.Would look super cool when nautical jewelry used outdoors on nautical jewelry beach or n nautical jewelryautical setup themes.Size: US 3.75 - 4 (would fit sizes between nautical jewelry 3.5 to 4), 6mm ban nautical jewelryd Silver purity: .999 fin nautical jewelrye silverWeight: 5.7gMade by OPV in nautical jewelry Miami, FloridaPaypal credit is available on nautical jewelry checkout (n nautical jewelryo in nautical jewelryterest if paid in nautical jewelry full in nautical jewelry 6 mon nautical jewelryths)

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