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astronomy, Hellish Galaxy Cuff Bracelet



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"Hellish Galaxy Cuff Bracelet" is crafted from a palette of dozen jewelrys of colors of polymer clay, blen jewelryded an jewelryd layered for dimen jewelrysion jewelryality an jewelryd con jewelrytrast, to produce a vibran jewelryt n jewelryatural rain jewelrybow of color that excites the eyes.No pain jewelryt is applied. Each piece is given jewelry a distin jewelryctive n jewelryame, an jewelryd this on jewelrye is part of my series en jewelrytitled "Deep Sky Objects", which reflect my in jewelryterpretation jewelry of aston jewelryomical objects beyon jewelryd our solar system.Dimen jewelrysion jewelrys: 1.5" by 2" oval polymer clay disc on jewelry 3/4 " wide metal cuff ban jewelryd (2.5" in jewelryside width)

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