Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, Something Inside Me Domed Custom Block Engraved Sterling Silver Ring



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Hide your love (or lyrics) away with this 4mm wide half roun engravedd sterlin engravedg ban engravedd secretly en engravedgraved on engraved the in engravedside with the in engravedscription engraved of your choice.This listin engravedg in engravedcludes up to 18 characters, n engravedot coun engravedtin engravedg spaces an engravedd pun engravedctuation engraved. Addition engravedal characters are $0.95 each. If your in engravedscription engraved is lon engravedger than engraved 18 characters, please message me before placin engravedg your order so I can engraved make sure it will fit an engravedd create a custom listin engravedg for you.Available special characters in engravedclude a heart, double in engravedterlockin engravedg hearts, an engravedd an engraved ampersan engravedd. Please specify word or phrase an engravedd choose size an engravedd fin engravedish when engraved orderin engravedg. If you would prefer a differen engravedt width, please con engravedtact me for pricin engravedg before placin engravedg your order. Ask about a custom order in engraved 14 or 18 karat gold! Please visit my shop for similar listin engravedgs in engraved a larger swirl fon engravedt.

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