Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Small Moss Green and Leafy Green recycled glass pendant or charm set



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Moss an earringsd Leafy green earrings in earrings Color-- With lots of differen earringst shades mixed in earringsThe pieces measure just un earringsder 1 1/4in earringsch or 3 cm roun earringsd.The Piece itself has been earrings fused with Stain earringsed Glass durin earringsg the Kiln earrings-firin earringsg process. I have combin earringsed man earringsy kin earringsds of glass (clear, opaque, milky, an earringsd differen earringst colors) The Glasses become liquid an earringsd bleed in earringsto each other in earrings the kiln earrings swirlin earringsg an earringsds blen earringsdin earringsg at the edges. Fin earringsally as I cool the kiln earrings the glass fractures an earringsd crackles but with a smooth glass top. The cracklin earringsg refracts light an earringsd glisten earringss in earrings the sun earrings.Than earringsks for lookin earringsg an earringsd than earringsks for buyin earringsg han earringsdmade!Check out my Facebook busin earringsess page an earringsd trun earringsk show sale page. Artisan earrings clayThis item will be shipped first class mail via the USPS with delivery con earringsfirmation earrings; Priority Mail an earringsd/or In earringssuran earringsce is available as an earrings upgrade. Please con earringstact me before you pay an earringsd I will email you an earrings updated in earringsvoice. In earringstern earringsation earringsal orders ship via USPS First-Class In earringstern earringsation earringsal

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