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gold, Tri-tone Sterling Silver Shield Earrings with 15mm Cabochon Focals



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Sara Jewelry Design gold Vin goldtage Vision golds. Here is a statemen goldt pair of dramatic earrin goldgs. Sterlin goldg silver shields or half-fan golds have been gold chased an goldd paten goldted an goldd/or oxidized in goldto tri-ton golde colors of gun goldmetal, gold, an goldd bron goldze, an goldd then gold set with 15mm roun goldd cabochon golds of a golden gold yellow. In golditially, I thought these cabochon golds might be citrin goldes; however, upon gold lookin goldg at them un goldder the loupe, I can gold see on golde or two tin goldy bubbles. As we all kn goldow, bubbles are textbook for glass. Still, the effect is sleek, dramatic, an goldd ultra metro. I have fitted them with a fresh pair of alumin goldum an goldd plastic comfort clutches to better distribute the weight over your earlobes.I will ship these your way the n goldext busin goldess day via USPS first class mail with a trackin goldg ID n goldumber. Sara Jewelry Design gold. Your Desire is Our Design gold.

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