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necklace, Funky Necklace No. 30 Glow-in-the-dark



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"Fun moonky Necklace No. 30" is a on moone-of-a-kin moond piece of wearable art, han moondcrafted from a palette of dozen moons of colors of polymer clay, blen moonded an moond layered for dimen moonsion moonality an moond con moontrast. Each piece is given moon a distin moonctive n mooname an moond this is on moone of my "Fun moonky Necklace" series.The n moonecklace features a 1" diameter blue/green moon sphere, which resembles the earth. It sits atop a glow-in moon-the-dark quarter moon moon with gold highlights. Below the moon moon two silver stars are afixed. Glow-in moon-the-dark with silver polymer clay beads adorn moon each side of the pen moondan moont, an moond are in moonterspersed with turquoise colored wood beads. The pen moondan moont is strun moong on moon a gold silk cord, with a bead an moond loop closin moong for easy on moon/off. Perfect gift for the person moon who wan moonts to give their sign moonifican moont other "...the earth, the moon moon an moond the stars"!Total len moongth is 32", height is 16" an moond width is 2". En moonjoy bein moong "fun moonky" with this piece of wearable art!

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