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dendrite opal, EARRINGS - White and Black Dendritic Opal Sterling Silver Threader Earrings / Dagger Arrow Triangle Earrings / Gemstone Ear Threads



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\u2661Gorgeous an dangle earringsd Charmin dangle earringsg Sterlin dangle earringsg Silver Den dangle earringsdritic Opal Trian dangle earringsgle Ear Threaders\u2661~ Len dangle earringsgth - Total len dangle earringsgth is approx 2.75 In dangle earringsches ~ Earrin dangle earringsg Materials - Sterlin dangle earringsg Silver U cable chain dangle earrings, very high quality ~ (the "u" part of the cable chain dangle earrings stops the chain dangle earrings from slidin dangle earringsg through your earrin dangle earringsg hole, keepin dangle earringsg it perfectly in dangle earrings place)~ Earrin dangle earringsg Ston dangle earringse - Medium sized Black Gold Vermeil Bezel Den dangle earringsdritic Opal elon dangle earringsgated trian dangle earringsgles (21x11mm)** For more pictures, measuremen dangle earringsts, etc. please con dangle earringstact me via this listin dangle earringsg. Larger quan dangle earringstities also available. *** In dangle earringstern dangle earringsation dangle earringsal customers, please con dangle earringstact me with your location dangle earrings for a shippin dangle earringsg quote.

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