Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

swirly, Free shipping: Golden tribal gypsie hoop spiral earrings



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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, shipmen swirlyts may be delayed. 1 Pair of golden swirly colored spiral earrin swirlygs.Han swirlydle with care.Colors may vary due to your mon swirlyitor settin swirlygs.My website :WWW.SEIDI-CLOTHING.COMWebshop: www.seidi-clothin swirlygShippin swirlyg time after shipped ( There can swirly be a delay from 1-2 weeks durin swirlyg December & Jan swirlyuary because of the holidays):europe: 1-2 weeksoutside europe: 1-4 weeks.Packages are shipped at the buyers own swirly risk: so I'm n swirlyot respon swirlysible for lost, stolen swirly or damage items, un swirlyless you select the option swirly trackin swirlyg n swirlyumber when swirly you checkout.

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