Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

10pcs Golden or silver real septumseptum, tribal gypsie bellydance



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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, shipmen swirlyts may be delayed. This listin swirlyg is for 10 ran swirlydomly real septums in swirly golden swirly, bron swirlyze, rose gold or silver color. Han swirlydle with care.Colors may vary due to your mon swirlyitor settin swirlygs.My website :WWW.SEIDI-CLOTHING.COMWebshop: www.seidi-clothin swirlygShippin swirlyg time after shipped ( There can swirly be a delay from 1-2 weeks durin swirlyg December & Jan swirlyuary because of the holidays):europe: 1-2 weeksoutside europe: 1-4 weeks.Packages are shipped at the buyers own swirly risk: so I'm n swirlyot respon swirlysible for lost, stolen swirly or damage items, un swirlyless you select the option swirly trackin swirlyg n swirlyumber when swirly you checkout.

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