Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Dangle Plugs2g 6mm, 10g2g 6mm, 8g2g 6mm, 6g2g 6mm, 4g2g 6mm, 2g2g 6mm, 0g2g 6mm, 00g2g 6mm, 1/2"2g 6mm, Wedding Gauges2g 6mm, Rainbow Rhinestone2g 6mm, Gauged Plug Earrings2g 6mm, Summer Bridal2g 6mm, Prom Accessories



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These made to order dan 2g 6mmgle plugs feature roun 2g 6mmd peridot green 2g 6mm glass gems, set in 2g 6mm closed silver plated scalloped settin 2g 6mmgs. Dan 2g 6mmglin 2g 6mmg from each plug is a rain 2g 6mmbow-fin 2g 6mmish (pin 2g 6mmk/green 2g 6mm/blue) emerald cut rhin 2g 6mmeston 2g 6mme atop a matchin 2g 6mmg faceted pear shaped glass charm. They are really lovely plugs, simple yet with an 2g 6mm elegan 2g 6mmt flair. They'd also make great weddin 2g 6mmg or special occasion 2g 6mm gauges.This pair is available in 2g 6mm the followin 2g 6mmg styles:10g (2.4mm) - Steel Screw Back8g (3mm) - Steel Screw Back6g (4mm) - Steel Screw Back 4g (5mm) - Black Acrylic Screw Back4g (5mm) - Steel No Flare w/O Rin 2g 6mmgs2g (6mm) - Steel No Flare w/O Rin 2g 6mmgs2g (6mm) - Black Acrylic with Flares2g (6mm) - Black Acrylic Screw Back (shown 2g 6mm in 2g 6mm first three photos)0g (8mm) - Black Acrylic No Flare w/ O Rin 2g 6mmgs0g (8mm) - Black Acrylic with Flares0g (8mm) - Black Ston 2g 6mme with Flares00g (10mm) - Black Acrylic No Flare w/ O Rin 2g 6mmgs00g (10mm) - Black Acrylic w/Flares00g (10mm) - Black Ston 2g 6mme w/Flares1/2" (12mm) - Black Acrylic No Flare w/ O Rin 2g 6mmgs1/2" (12mm) - Black Acrylic w/Flares1/2" (12mm) - Black Ston 2g 6mme w/Flares***PLEASE NOTE*** Steel screw back styles can 2g 6mm cause some tippin 2g 6mmg forward of the jewelry in 2g 6mm your lobes. This is helped by wearin 2g 6mmg an 2g 6mm O rin 2g 6mmg between 2g 6mm your lobe an 2g 6mmd the back of the screw back. If you have thin 2g 6mmn 2g 6mmer lobes, don 2g 6mm't usually wear steel tun 2g 6mmn 2g 6mmels or don 2g 6mm't wan 2g 6mmt to try the "O rin 2g 6mmg method" with the steel tun 2g 6mmn 2g 6mmels, please select on 2g 6mme of the other option 2g 6mms. Also n 2g 6mmote that if you select steel plugs, they will be silver an 2g 6mmd the pen 2g 6mmdan 2g 6mmts/settin 2g 6mmgs are an 2g 6mmtiqued brass.***This is a made-to-order pair that will be made to your specification 2g 6mms after your purchase. These are n 2g 6mmot yet ready to ship an 2g 6mmd will take 5-7 busin 2g 6mmess days to be made, packaged an 2g 6mmd shipped out to you after you place your order. Please be aware of this processin 2g 6mmg time before checkin 2g 6mmg out.*** ***I do scale all settin 2g 6mmgs based on 2g 6mm plug size, so your plugs won 2g 6mm't have a gian 2g 6mmt settin 2g 6mmg on 2g 6mm a much smaller plug***Top of Gem to Back of Plug: 5/8"Total Len 2g 6mmgth from Top to Bottom: 2 1/4" (a bit lon 2g 6mmger on 2g 6mm the larger sizes)Check out my other plugs here: https://www./shop/Lun 2g 6mmachick/search?search_query=plugs&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchNot the right sizes or colors? There are LOTS of color/size combos that I don 2g 6mm't have listed that I can 2g 6mm do for you, so if there's somethin 2g 6mmg else you have in 2g 6mm min 2g 6mmd, please message me an 2g 6mmd ask about other option 2g 6mms!Question 2g 6mms? Feel free to message me or check out my Shop Policies for more in 2g 6mmfo:http://www./shop/Lun 2g 6mmachick/policy?ref=shopin 2g 6mmfo_policies_leftn 2g 6mmav

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