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aurora borealis, Angelic Aurora Borealis Quartz Pendant or Ring Marquise /Pear /Emerald Cut Rainbow Sterling Silver blue purple handmade fine jewelry Set



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Huge size An sterling silvergelic aurora borealis Mystic Quartz Gemston sterling silvere set in sterling silver Sterlin sterling silverg Silver Pen sterling silverdan sterling silvert Moun sterling silvertin sterling silverg. Sterlin sterling silverg Silver 5mm Large Hole Bail in sterling silvercluded. In sterling silvercludes silver ton sterling silvere Omega n sterling silvereck wire with purchase. Or you may purchase Sterlin sterling silverg Silver 36 in sterling silverch chain sterling silver with your pen sterling silverdan sterling silvert.( Shown sterling silver in sterling silver photo 2.)This is the Most Beautiful colorin sterling silverg, purple an sterling silverd blue with hin sterling silverts of pin sterling silverk.Also available as a matchin sterling silverg rin sterling silverg moun sterling silverted in sterling silver sterlin sterling silverg silver in sterling silver a wide ran sterling silverge of sizes. Large size 23x15mm Marquise shape checker board cut top Approx.10ctsMystic Quartz is a real gemston sterling silvere that has been sterling silver treated with a high heat/ vapor chemical coatin sterling silverg to allow this lovely color. Please do n sterling silverot soak your rin sterling silverg in sterling silver detergen sterling silverts or clean sterling silverers or your ston sterling silvere may show wear. Set in sterling silver a sterlin sterling silverg silver moun sterling silvertin sterling silverg sized just for you from 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 for n sterling silvero extra fee.$30 more in sterling silver custom size 4 4.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5Please allow 10 to 14 days to size your rin sterling silverg in sterling silver custom sizes.Free plastic rin sterling silverg sizer can sterling silver be sen sterling silvert to check your size if n sterling silvereeded.No matter when sterling silver you wear it, this will get you n sterling silveroticed. Han sterling silverdmade fin sterling silvere jewelry real gemston sterling silvere rin sterling silverg.Comes to you in sterling silver black velvet rin sterling silverg box perfect for gift givin sterling silverg. Wan sterling silvertin sterling silverg Free gift wrap? Just leave a n sterling silverote in sterling silver the message to seller box or con sterling silvervo me.Note that the ston sterling silvere is loosely moun sterling silverted in sterling silver rin sterling silverg photo. After you pick your size moun sterling silvertin sterling silverg the ston sterling silvere will be set securely.An sterling silvergelic Aurora Borealis Large Gemston sterling silvere Mystic Quartz Sterlin sterling silverg Silver Rin sterling silverg matchin sterling silverg Pen sterling silverdan sterling silvert n sterling silverecklace Han sterling silverdmade fin sterling silvere jewelry Size 5 6 7 8

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