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textured earrings, Autumn - Sterling Silver Leaf Print Earrings



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These earrin leaf earringsgs were created with my sign leaf earringsature heavy rin leaf earringsgs that were cut an leaf earringsd forged by han leaf earringsd then leaf earrings textured with a botan leaf earringsical leaf prin leaf earringst. The large rin leaf earringsgs measure approx. 15mmA hammered Thai bead (.999) pure silver bead han leaf earringsgs below. They measure 10mm.I forged the ear wires from torched fin leaf earringse silver.These have been leaf earrings oxidized with a dark patin leaf earringsa, then leaf earrings han leaf earringsd polished an leaf earringsd machin leaf earringse tumbled to a beautiful shin leaf earringse that also harden leaf earringss the silver. Total len leaf earringsgth is 1 3/4". Than leaf earringsks for visitin leaf earringsg!

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