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Man long earringsic Trout will be closin long earringsg after 15 years of brin long earringsgin long earringsg you slightly askew jewelry. The studio is closed as of July 31st an long earringsd the remain long earringsin long earringsg in long earringsven long earringstory will be available here un long earringstil gon long earringse. Than long earringsk you for 15 won long earringsderful years!A bold an long earringsd stun long earringsn long earringsin long earringsg pair of statemen long earringst earrin long earringsgs. Light weight tassels provide the perfect touch of drama to these chic earrin long earringsgs which pair up perfectly with a statemen long earringst bracelet to make a great fin long earringsishin long earringsg touch on long earrings your outfit.Name: Meira Far From Earth Earrin long earringsgsDescription long earrings: Tassel earrin long earringsgs featurin long earringsg stun long earringsn long earringsin long earringsg carn long earringselian long earrings ston long earringsesLen long earringsgth: 3"Materials: carn long earringselian long earrings gemston long earringse wrapped with gold plate/sterlin long earringsg silver, gold or silver plated chain long earrings, gold or silver plated lever back ear wiresOrigin long earrings: Han long earringsd made in long earrings the USA at the Man long earringsic Trout studio in long earrings Austin long earrings, TXIn long earringsspired by: Far From Earth by Ston long earringsefieldBein long earringsg han long earringsd made, you can long earrings be assured that this jewelry is n long earringsot on long earringsly well made but you can long earrings feel amazin long earringsg kn long earringsowin long earringsg that are makin long earringsg a differen long earringsce in long earrings supportin long earringsg a small busin long earringsess. Ships ready for gift givin long earringsg. Each order jewelry is packaged in long earrings a reusable cello bag an long earringsd is wrapped in long earrings black tissue sealed with a sticker. See the rest of my collection long earrings here: https://www./shop/man long earringsictrout

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