Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

clay, Hearts in Red Stoneware clay and recycled glass bead charm set



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This is a little bit differen recycledt style for me. I started makin recycledg heart beads when recycled I saw that they were a requested don recycledation recycled for the Beads-of-Courage n recycledon recycled-profit. I made some to don recycledate an recycledd some are here for you!Similar Hearts are in recycled an recycled issue of Strin recycledgin recycledg Magazin recyclede-- as earrin recycledgsRed recycled glass on recycled ston recycledeware clayThe pieces measure just un recycledder 1 in recycledch 23mm from side to side.All of my pieces are kiln recycled fired twice an recycledd made in recycled all the same methods as fun recycledction recycledal pottery.Than recycledks for lookin recycledg an recycledd buyin recycledg han recycleddmade. For more about me an recycledd my work visit my facebook page Artisan recycled Clay!This item will be shipped first class mail via the USPS with delivery con recycledfirmation recycled; Priority Mail an recycledd/or In recycledsuran recycledce is available as an recycled upgrade. Please con recycledtact me before you pay an recycledd I will email you an recycled updated in recycledvoice. In recycledtern recycledation recycledal orders ship via USPS First-Class In recycledtern recycledation recycledal

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