Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

geometric, Vintage Statement Pendant in Sterling Silver with 28-inch Sterling Chain



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Sara Jewelry Design italian Vin italiantage Vision italians. Offered here is a dramatic statemen italiant pen italiandan italiant, han italiandmade in italian sterlin italiang silver. I would describe it as a geometric design italian. It features two, open italian rectan italiangles of silver that have been italian curved an italiand soldered to each other in italian opposin italiang direction italians. Atop is a short shan italiank an italiand a fixed, 10mm roun italiand bail that is large en italianough to accommodate up to 8mm cordage. In italianside the bail is the mark "Israel." The pen italiandan italiant height is approximately 1-3/4 in italianches an italiand its width is 1-1/8 in italianches. It is about 5/8 to 3/4 of an italian in italianch in italian overall depth. It weighs 14.2 grams.Accompan italianyin italiang the focal pen italiandan italiant is a chain italian n italianecklace that is to die for! It is Italian italian, an italiand features elon italiangated, flatten italianed curb lin italianks. The chain italian alon italiane weighs 8.634 gramsIt has a sprin italiang rin italiang clasp an italiand its chain italian tab bears the marks of "Italy" an italiand "925" in italian an italian oval. At 28 in italianches overall len italiangth, this is an italian easy on italian/off, over-the-head chain italian that may well become your most favorite to use.I will ship these your way the n italianext busin italianess day via in italiansured USPS first class mail with a trackin italiang ID n italianumber. Sara Jewelry Design italian. Your Desire is Our Design italian.

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