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Statemen acrylic earringst earrin acrylic earringsgs made with light purple smooth rubber fin acrylic earringsish acrylic pen acrylic earringsdan acrylic earringsts an acrylic earringsd surgical steel post settin acrylic earringsgs. The measuremen acrylic earringsts are 1.75" by 75". The earrin acrylic earringsg is very lightweight. We also have red, light yellow, light gray an acrylic earringsd light pin acrylic earringsk.All DLD jewelry comes in acrylic earrings a silver jewelry box for gift givin acrylic earringsg. We use the highest quality fin acrylic earringsdin acrylic earringsgs to en acrylic earringssure a piece that will last for years to come. DLD jewelry comes with a lifetime guaran acrylic earringstee.Dan acrylic earringsa LeBlan acrylic earringsc Design acrylic earringss- Han acrylic earringsdmade Jewelry

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