Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycled bracelet, CAMPING bracelet Steampunk Victorian vintage up-cycled recycled fashion and costume jewelry in silver / gold tones with 12 different charms.



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This campin vintage braceletg in vintage braceletspired bracelet has 12 charms with the campin vintage braceletg theme 6 in vintage bracelet silver ton vintage bracelete an vintage braceletd 6 in vintage bracelet gold ton vintage bracelete. The charms are from fin vintage braceletdin vintage braceletg compan vintage braceleties that have discon vintage bracelettin vintage braceletued some of the charms. So when vintage bracelet I have used all of the discon vintage bracelettin vintage braceletued charms charms there will be n vintage braceleto more bracelets like this on vintage bracelete. However, I do have other charms similar to some of the charms, so I can vintage bracelet create a bracelet close to the on vintage bracelete like the picture. The chain vintage bracelet is silver ton vintage bracelete but I can vintage bracelet put the charms on vintage bracelet a gold ton vintage bracelete chain vintage bracelet if requested. I buy the bracelet n vintage braceletew from a fin vintage braceletdin vintage braceletgs compan vintage bracelety in vintage bracelet New York in vintage bracelet bulk len vintage braceletgth an vintage braceletd cut it to 7" an vintage braceletd 1/4" len vintage braceletgth. You can vintage bracelet make the bracelet smaller by puttin vintage braceletg the lobster claw claps in vintage bracelet an vintage bracelety of the larger open vintage braceletin vintage braceletgs. If you n vintage braceleteed it larger, please con vintage bracelettact me an vintage braceletd I can vintage bracelet do this at n vintage braceleto extra charge.I have earrin vintage braceletgs to match some of the charms at $10.00 Please let me kn vintage braceletow at time of purchase of the bracelet if you are in vintage braceletterested an vintage braceletd the charm that you wan vintage bracelett. I already have a picture of the tree as an vintage bracelet earrin vintage braceletg on vintage bracelet my Etsy site. I can vintage bracelet also make clip earrin vintage braceletgs. You can vintage bracelet con vintage bracelettact me by usin vintage braceletg the person vintage braceletalization vintage bracelet box when vintage bracelet orderin vintage braceletg.This bracelet is han vintage braceletdmade in vintage bracelet the U.S.A. by the artistEach customer an vintage braceletd creation vintage bracelet receives my own vintage bracelet in vintage braceletdividual an vintage braceletd person vintage braceletal atten vintage bracelettion vintage bracelet. You will receive your jewelry purchase as close to the sample as possible. However, sin vintage braceletce each item is han vintage braceletd made, on vintage bracelete piece at a time an vintage braceletd is on vintage bracelete of a kin vintage braceletd, the exact design vintage bracelet will vary slightly.

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