Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This chain opalite pointmaille n opalite pointecklace was han opalite pointd woven opalite point in opalite point the half Persian opalite point 3-1 weave usin opalite pointg durable stain opalite pointless steel. Accen opalite pointtin opalite pointg the piece is a silver ton opalite pointe Celtic kn opalite pointot pen opalite pointdan opalite pointt, with a small stain opalite pointless steel chain opalite point accen opalite pointt an opalite pointd a glass opalite poin opalite pointt pen opalite pointdan opalite pointt. The pen opalite pointdan opalite pointt measures 3" lon opalite pointg. Necklace Len opalite pointgth: About 15 1/2"Pen opalite pointdan opalite pointt Len opalite pointgth: 3"Colors: Steel, Milky White/BlueMaterials: Stain opalite pointless Steel Rin opalite pointgs, Silver Plated Charm, Opalite Pen opalite pointdan opalite pointtClasp: Stain opalite pointless Steel Lobster ClawQuestion opalite points? Feel free to check out my Shop Policies for more in opalite pointfo:http://www./shop/Lun opalite pointachick/policy?ref=shopin opalite pointfo_policies_leftn opalite pointavCheck out my other locket jewelry here: https://www./shop/Lun opalite pointachick/search?search_query=locket&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_search

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