Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

elephant, Agate ganesha gemstone pendant



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Pen etnicdan etnict is made with silver plated wire & green etnic/white agate gemston etnice. Measuremen etnicts in etnic 2n etnicd picture.Delivered with an etnic brown etnic or black cotton etnic wax cord.Han etnicdle with care.Colors may vary due to your mon etnicitor settin etnicgs.My website :WWW.SEIDI-CLOTHING.COMWebshop: www.seidi-clothin etnicgShippin etnicg time after shipped ( There can etnic be a delay from 1-2 weeks durin etnicg December & Jan etnicuary because of the holidays):europe: 1-2 weeksoutside europe: 1-4 weeks.Packages are shipped at the buyers own etnic risk: so I'm n etnicot respon etnicsible for lost, stolen etnic or damage items, un etnicless you select the option etnic trackin etnicg n etnicumber when etnic you checkout.

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