Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue frosted glass necklacefrosted glass, Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Tree of Life Necklace



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Blue frosted glass n gemstoneecklace with silver ton gemstonee Approx 92cm len gemstonegthSwarovski Crystal Necklaceapprox 45cm len gemstonegth (in gemstonecludin gemstoneg exten gemstoneder) an gemstoned Tree of Life Silver Ton gemstonee NecklacePen gemstonedan gemstonet approx 5cm diameter on gemstone a leatherette n gemstoneecklace approx 45cm lon gemstonegPrice for postage is in gemstonedicative an gemstoned on gemstonely actual shippin gemstoneg an gemstoned packagin gemstoneg costs will be charged. An gemstoney overage will be refun gemstoneded.Postage within gemstone Australia will be via registered post.The pictures form part of this listin gemstoneg.Customs an gemstoned duties in gemstone the destin gemstoneation gemstone coun gemstonetry do n gemstoneot form part of the price. They are the respon gemstonesibility of the buyer.

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